Kind words from our students

"My son joined Power Karate having trained in a different style of karate previously.

Since joining Power Karate with Shihan Jim Phillips,  he has developed strength, stamina, confidence and discipline and we are really grateful to Shihan and his team for the positive encouragement, support, knowledge and guidance they give to their students.

They are great role models and are well liked and respected by students and parents alike.


Claire, Rosebery Sydney

"Power karate has given me greater flexibility, strength and coordination which assists me in everyday life. Its founder Shihan Jim Phillips, recognised around the world for what he has done for Kyokushinkakan Karate, has the unique ability to push people out if there comfort zone and maximize the benefits that karate offers to both adults and kids. 

There are not many people who have his level experience of over 45 years in fighting and defensive techniques.

Having obtained the rank of Sempai, I can fully appreciate what he has done for me with my training and recommend training at Power Karate."



Sempai Matthew Howard.

Power Karate has now become a part of our everyday life.

I have been a student with Shihan Phillips for more then 25 years and now my children are students learning the Kyokushinkaikan way. 

Shihan Phillips is a professional master in his field who shows compassion and discipline to all students. His passion for the sport is shown in the way he teaches.

It has help my children learn to be confident, respectful and well disciplined children. 

We love going to the dojo as all the students are just not sporting acquaintance we are a family. 

We highly recommend you trying out a class with Shihan at Power Karate you will not regret it - you will be hooked! 

Josie Sinapi

I would strongly recommend your kids learning their Karate from Shihan James Phillips and his Power Karate and Kickboxing Academy based in Roseberry. Shihan has a great reputation and it is justified.


My eldest son, 10, having already trained there for a few years now, is about to grade for his brown belt. Shihan has been an extremely positive influence on his physical and mental development which has greatly benefited his confidence and approach in all aspects of his life. 


My youngest son is 7 and is about to grade for his orange belt. I can already see that the positive influence of Shihan is transforming his physical strength and mental development both inside the Academy and at home and at school. 


In my opinion, sending your kids here is a no brainer!

Thanks Shihan, you're the best!