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Your journey begins when you step onto the mat.

With over 40 years of training and teaching Shihan Phillips and his team of black belt Sensei will show you the way to developing your body and spirit towards finding that truth. Unlike most martial arts we follow a Budo Japanese way meaning spirit and this is what makes us different from other styles and schools of martial arts.

Our instructors are highly qualified and will assist you grow and fulfill your goals. Our team members have all been individually taught by Master Jim Phillips, Power Karate owner & Head Instructor. All our instructors come from different backgrounds & professions: doctors, lawyers, plumbers, mechanics, business owners, etc...


Our Black Belt Instructors have at minimum 7 years of Karate training. 

Our team will assist you achieve your goals whether it be to become a martial arts champion fighter, getting fitter, losing weight, becoming stronger physically and mentally, or learning the philosophy of martial arts.

Training in Martial Arts will help you build confidence in yourself whilst learning how to defend yourself.

"When you achieve, we all achieve. This is the way of Karate." Shihan Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips Power Karate Kyokushin Sydney Australia

Shihan Jim Phillips 6th Dan Degree Black Belt Kyokushin Karate translated in English THE ULTIMATE TRUTH


Shihan Jim Phillips has been training and teaching kyokushin Karate for over 45 years producing many of Australia's top fighters and black Belts.

In 1979, he was chosen to represent Australia at the 2nd world Championships held in Tokyo Japan.


He later stayed on, in Japan training under the founder and legendary Sosai Mas Oyama. Shihan Jim trained full time at the main headquarter in Tokyo Ikebukuro 7 days a week 3 classes a day full time.


He won and completed in many tournaments taking out 3 National titles and being one of the first people in Australia to complete the 50 man fight test in 1986.


Shihan Jim now teaches at his full time school (Dojo) in Eastern Suburbs Sydney. He has dedicated his life and his teaching to training and mentoring new students that are looking for a better futyre and life style.


Kyokushin has many benefits for the old and young, the strong and the weak, the meek and the mild.


It's not just a karate but a way of life.


Kyokushin everyday. 

        Kancho Jim Phillips 

 Shihan Simon Pullman 5th Dan

Our team of Black Belt Sensei

Our team of Sempai

Black Belt Sempai 

Nathan Phillips

Black Belt Sempai 

Shaun Buchanan

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Harry Kyriakou

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Mathew Howard

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Joseph Vasile

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Anthony Picone

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Mina Vasile

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Ryan Berman

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Anthony Sinapi

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Mathew Couani

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