Mascot Dojo

The James Phillips Power Karate martial arts centre is a full-time Kyokushinkai Karate dojo operating in Rosebery, Sydney. It is one of the few dojos to offer distinct classes for children, beginners and advanced adults as well as private lessons, stretching and yoga classes.

Additionally, we also run kickboxing classes several nights a week. 

As well as an extensive inventory of training equipment (bags, pads, gloves etc), the dojo is equipped with a weight-training area and space to accomodate uchi-deshi (live-in or visiting apprentice students).

The Dojo Oath

We Will Train Our Hearts And Bodies
For A Firm, Unshaking Spirit.

We Will Pursue The True Meaning Of The Martial Way,
So That In Time Our Senses May Be Alert.

With True Vigor, We Will Seek
To Cultivate A Spirit Of Self-Denial.

We Will Observe The Rules Of Courtesy,
Respect Our Superiors And Refrain From Violence.

We Will Follow Our Religious Principles,
And Never Forget The True Virtue Of Humility.

We Will Look Upwards To Wisdom And Strength,
Not Seeking Other Desires.

All Our Lives, Through The Discipline Of Karate,
We Will Seek To Fulfill The True Meaning Of The Kyokushin Way.