About Power Karate Australia

Mascot Dojo

Power Karate (kyokushin) means the truth or reality in Japanese. The James Phillips Power Karate martial arts center is a full-time Zen-Kyokushinkai Karate dojo operating in Mascot Sydney. It is one of the few dojos to offer distinct classes for children, beginners and advanced adults as well as Private lessons, Kickboxing & stretching classes.

The Mascot Dojo trains 6 days a week Monday's thru to Saturday's. (Refer to Timetable).

We offer classes tailored to the students karate levels: Kids, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced classes. Private tuition and group bookings are available.

Our team of personal trainers is also available for private lessons.

Our Team


With over 40 years of Karate training and teaching, Shihan Phillips and his team of Black Belt Sensei will show you the way to developing your body and spirit towards finding that truth.


All our Karate instructors are at Black Belt level, so you can feel confident your kids and yourself will be trained the correct Karate techniques.

Unlike most martial arts we follow a Budo Japanese way meaning spirit. This is what makes us different from other styles and schools of martial arts.

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